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Announcing the release of S-Series V3.0 software upgrade

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of S-Series V3.0, and to introduce S-Series+.
There are several exciting additions to the V3.0 feature list which include now being able to choose to set the Master Bus as LCR or LRM, hugely expanded OSC functionality with onboard OSC reference library, new GPIO features, MADI SRC support, DQ Rack compatibility, and more!

The features in V3.0 are free to all S-Series owners, but if that wasn’t enough, you can now purchase an S21+ and S31+ Licence Key to increase the maximum channel count of the console to 60 flexi channels, and 24 flexi busses!
After the installation of V3.0 no additional downloads are needed for the increased channel count, just enter a licence code into the console's Upgrade screen, much like the upgrade procedure to turn an SD12 into an SD12-96.  The S21+ and S31+ upgrade is locked to the console and is available now through the DiGiCo Online shop.


S-Series V3.0 - Release Notes

DiGiCo Support Download Page

Once the packages have been made available for download please read all instructions in the ZIP packages carefully before proceeding with the installation.
The install instructions assume that you are upgrading from software V2.6.1

Each console update package in ZIP format contains:

  • update.dcu – The Updater File to be copied to the root folder of a USB stick
  • S21_S31-Release-Notes-V3.0.9.pdf – Release Notes in PDF Format 
  • TN554 S-Series Software Upgrade 2.6.1 to 3.0.pdf – Upgrade Instructions in PDF format - Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding