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For the state-of-the-art Green Screen Studios on its premises, PODIMATAS GROUP has invested in new lighting led soft lights by PROLIGHTS. Specifically, 10 pieces of ECLPANEL TWJR and 6 pieces ofECLCYCLORAMA 100 of the Italian PROLIGHTS were installed, from the company's representative in Greece, KARIOTIS AUDIO & LIGHTING.

PODIMATAS GROUP is the leading group of companies in the design and production of the most advanced events that meet even the highest requirements. With more than 37 years of experience, the group is among the leading event production companies in Europe, with offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Rhodes and Belgrade, and organizes all kinds of conferences, corporate or social events, live shows and festivals.

Using the Green Screen technology in the Studios, PODIMATAS GROUP creates a 3D Virtual Environment, acquiring the ability to create impressive backgrounds, but also the ability of "windows" for the simultaneous projection of ppt, video, and speakers during the event by speakers that are either in the STUDIO with a physical presence or alternatively anywhere else.

 Panagiotis Podimatas, CEO of the Group, stated about the new lighting of Green Screen Studios:

«The technology of Green Screen Studios came to stay, highlighting new parameters in the implementation of events. Our group, a pioneer in the production of events and a member of the international networks AV Alliance and Congress Rental Network, always invests in new technologies and high quality standards for the implementation of an event. The cooperation with leading companies in the field is our choice and the result always compensates us. With Kariotis Bros Co. and PROLIGHTS, our choice is justified once again.»


 The Lighting Designer of the company, George Porros, mentioned about the lights of PROLIGHTS: 

«The Lighting of Green Screen is quite simple from a technical point of view. Unlike traditional event lighting which has to do with finding contrast and mood, balancing light and shadows, lighting a green screen has to do with smoothness and consistency.
The key to achieving soft lighting is to use soft light sources. If you use hard light sources (such as diffused tungsten light) on the Green Screen, you will run into problems.
So we at PODIMATAS GROUP decided to use PROLIGHTS products in the lighting of the Green Screen of our company: Led panels and led cyclorama, with very high CRI and FSI, variable color temperature and light frequency (fps), full dimmable with DMX and the quality of PROLIGHTS ..»

We wish them good luck and dynamic projects.
Kariotis Audio and Lighting


EclPanel TWCJr

  • 370W RGB + Warm White LED source (driven @ 220W)
  • CRI > 94; R9 > 88,8; TLCI > 92
  • 4 section pixel control and built-in lighting effects for cinema applications
  • Silent operation with multiple fan modes
  • Battery connection (4pXLR 24-36V): compatible with industry standard external batteries (optional)

EclCyclorama 100

  • RGB + Warm White colour systems allows high quality of whites (CRI 93 @3.200 K) and bright colours.
  • Slim design, with only 12 cm height for easy implementation in the front or at the back of the stage.
  • Wide Asymmetric beam angle to allow flexible installation at modular distances between fixtures
  • Hardware designed with tilt angle adjustment, beam control and flexible hanging and ground stacking applications.