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Pro X10 Earphones

PRO X10 Earphones

Single balanced-armature driver that reproduces a dynamic soundstage
Pro X20 Earphones

PRO X20 Earphones

The Pro X20 features two proprietary, balanced-armature drivers with a two-way passive crossover.
Pro X30 Earphones

PRO X30 Earphones

Our most popular In-Ear Musicians’ Monitor
Pro X50 Earphones

PRO X50 Earphones

The Pro X50 is the flagship model of Westone Audio’s In-Ear Musicians’ Monitors.

Specialized Innovation and Engineering

Westone Audio products are in a league of their own designed by and for musicians. Engineered for accuracy, universal monitors provide sound signatures for all genres and music lovers. Our custom in-ear monitors have been praised by musical icons for decades. Hear your music in the way that industry leaders, audio connoisseurs, and loyal patrons have been captivated.

Uncompromising Performance

We create products that converge performance, comfort and sound that transcend industry standards. As the choice for seasoned and new music listeners, professional and beginning musicians - our performance is uncompromising and built for the stage and life. Westone Audio earphones will prove to be the best sounding and most comfortable earphone you have ever experienced.